3 Ways to Engage Your Kid in Science

Science can sometimes feel like a daunting subject when it comes to keeping kids engaged. Learning science should be not just fascinating, but fun. Here are some proactive ways to make learning with your kids a little more exciting.


One of the best ways to get your kids thinking scientifically is to model curiosity by asking scientific questions. Whether your child is interests in bugs or black holes, asking questions about why or how the things that spark their curiosity is the best way to engage them. It’s okay if they don’t know the answer. It’s even okay if you don’t know it. What’s important is that your child has critically engaged in a subject that interests them!


Science is all around us, so seeking it out is a lot easier than most people realize. Museums are an obvious way to engage your kids in science (don’t forget to ask questions here too!), but so are trips to the zoo or exploring the outdoors. As long as they are making observations about the world around them, exploration is one of the easiest ways to immerse your kid in science.

Who says learning science and having fun can’t be the same thing? We believe that play can be one of the most effective approaches to hands-on learning. Building anything from a paper plane to a basic ‘bot can teach your kid just as much about science as any book. You can make the most of your child’s screen time too, with educational TV programs or games built specifically around science education like our very own Blue Apprentice™.

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