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4 Ideas From Mars to Get Your Kids Interested in Space Science

Getting your kids interested in science doesn’t have to be out-of-this-world challenging. In a day and age where more and more news is pointed towards the stars, Space Science is an easy way to get your kids curious and thinking scientifically. Here are a few great ways to get the ball rolling.

Go On Interplanetary Excursions

Head to your nearest museum, planetarium or other hub for Space Science and make a day out of extraterrestrial discoveries. Better yet, bring the stars to you and spend an evening looking a telescope and searching for the Big Dipper. Just remember that even scientists will need snacks. Click here for a list of science centers near you.

Get Spacey with NASA Approved Projects

It won’t be too hard to convince your kids to build a bubble-powered rocket or a model solar system. Thankfully NASA has instructions on their Space Place website for these projects and more, ranging from silly to scientific. And if it’s games you’re looking for, make sure to check out our very own sci-fi education adventure game Blue Apprentice™.

Watch Science Fiction Movies And Television

Even Neil DeGrasse-Tyson is a sci fi fanboy. Sure, Cosmos might be a little more realistic than Star Wars, but what’s important is to get your children engaged and asking questions about space. How fast is light speed? Do aliens really exist? Take in a kid-friendly movie from this list together and ask your child what they think, or even just ask yourself outloud. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have them thinking like a scientist in 12 parsecs or less.

Share (Inter)Stellar Articles That They’ll Love

As we said before, it’s a pretty amazing time to be interested in Space Science. With places like PopSci publishing daily on SpaceX, missions to Mars, and newly discovered Earth-like planets, it’s not hard to get excited about the cosmos. With that in mind, we’ve also created the Vids micropage to help kids get a handle on the basic concepts of stories as they happen.

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