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Frequently Asked Questions

What can we help you with?

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    What is VidMaker?

    VidMaker is a New Media education tool. It is a platform where students can explore new ways to share their views and thoughts with others. It is a new medium for creating, submitting and reviewing assignments. It provides students a way to express their views, and to learn from the discoveries and creations of others.
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    How many videos can I create using VidMaker?

    You can create as many videos as you want using VidMaker. All your videos are saved in the app.
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    What makes VidMaker essential for Teachers?

    Teachers use the free VidMaker Dashboard webpage to assign projects to their VidMaker using students. Teachers can compose their own assignments or use stock curriculum-based assignments made by the VidMaker Team. Kids love making Vids as homework or in the classroom, to show off their personal creativity, a great alternative to pencil and paper.
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    What makes VidMaker essential for students and parents?

    Kids learn better when they are having fun. VidMaker puts powerful and user friendly tools in the hand of students. At the same time VidMaker is fun to use, mixing words, sounds, animations and 3D worlds in a medium that is prime for personal expression and humor. Kids will love doing their homework on VidMaker, and they will want to keep doing it.
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    How can you use VidMaker in a classroom?

    VidMaker is Designed for teachers and students to interact in a classroom in a new digital way. Teachers assign projects which show up in the student's queue in VidMaker. Student creates their Vid and submits it in a single click. Kids love to show off their creative work. Teacher can show 'screenings' of the best Vids turned in for each assignment.
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    How much does it cost?

    Installing VidMaker is free. The full feature set and premium content are available to Blue Apprentice subscribers. Non-subscribers can use only the basic features. The teacher tool suite is free.
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    How to create an account on VidMaker?

    You don’t need to create a new account on VidMaker. You can use your Blue Apprentice account to log in to VidMaker. If you don’t already have a Blue Apprentice account, you can create one by visiting Blue Apprentice

Discover the magic of VidMaker

With the power to combine knowledge with creativity, VidMaker is a new medium for reports and presentations. For school projects or personal story-telling, VidMaker turns quick, easy work into impressive, eye-catching works of animated art.

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