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VidMaker Works!

Powerful tools to create Presentations
and Assignment Videos


Make your job easier! With a simple click, assign one of many stock projects to all the VidMaker kids in your classroom. VidMaker team continually adds project templates built around standard curriculum topics and language. Or, make your own assignments; it's just as easy and it puts the power in your hands.

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Login to Teachers Dashboard

Once registered and verified, login to your account to view dashboard.


Create a Project

Create your own Vid assignments simply by filling out the details in a simple form. The rest is automatic.


Send Assignment Code

VidMaker generates a unique assignment code, which you share with your students.


VidMaker App for Students

Play anywhere, anytime on any iOS device or online!
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Students Enter Assignments Code

Students then complete their assignments in VidMaker, and turn back to you for a grade. Turned-in work shows up on your simple web dashboard.


Students Create Vids

Students then use VidMaker to complete their assignments and share Vids with their teacher.


Review, Rate, Share

Show your appreciation for the hard work of your students by giving them a rating on a scale of five stars. Share the best Vids by screening them for the whole class.


Discover the magic of VidMaker

With the power to combine knowledge with creativity, VidMaker is a new medium for reports and presentations. For school projects or personal story-telling, VidMaker turns quick, easy work into impressive, eye-catching works of animated art.