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Space Science is the study of celestial bodies in the universe: galaxies, stars, and planets. Earth Science is the study of terrestrial phenomena in fields including oceanography and geology.

The Blue Apprentice® curriculum follows the national science standards and covers patterns, cycles, and processes that shape the Earth, as well as stars and solar systems.

Magnetism and Polarity

Magnetism and Polarity

Opposites attract! Learn about polarity and magnetism when you land on the tiny planet of Impetus, inhabited by a magnetic species that has split into two tribes of different polarities.

Tidal Forces

Tidal Forces

Hit the waves of Okuwa. Learn about tidal forces and save the musically-inclined Okuwan species from a disastrous incoming tsunami!

Solar System

Solar Systems

Explore the planets! Search for a mysterious figure fleeing across a solar system and learn about orbits, moons, and solar interaction.

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