Let the world become a work station! Explore the world of BlueApprentice.

Blue Apprentice features

Let the world become a work station! Equipped with the amazing Positor, Blue Apprentice® redefines crafting by allowing your child to use their surroundings to atomize, synthesize, and assemble their way to saving the galaxy!

Learn more with Blue Apprentice

  • Science problems are integrated into the story and gameplay.
  • Put learning into practice to save the Galactic Realm!
  • Detailed feedback and explanations on answers! Your child will learn in a safe, judgment-free environment.
  • Ample opportunity for review and crosscutting between different science fields!
  • Our game naturally incentivizes players to return to previous areas in order to strengthen their understanding of the curriculum.

Next Generation Science Standards

As the first and only game to adopt Next Generation Science Standards, Blue Apprentice® is an interstellar adventure with a truly three-dimensional approach to science education at its core. NGSS is an organization aligned with Common Core and dedicated to raising the standard of excellence in American science education.

Blue Apprentice® chose the NGSS because of its commitment to three-dimensional learning as the standard to help students build a comprehensive understanding of science: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Disciplinary Core Ideas.

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