Adventure based

Elementary Science Curriculum

Blue Apprentice is an intergalactic story driven science game for kids. The only game that makes learning the elementary science concepts, like the Periodic Table, Fun! Blue Apprentice provides unlimited access to science curriculum.

Blue Apprentice regularly adds new worlds to explore, stuff to build, and missions to accomplish, all designed to encourage your child to experiment & learn, while building confidence in their scientific abilities.

Game Screen Shots

The right outfit for the job!

Deck out your character with a huge inventory of collectible and craftable outfits and gear. Different outfits are suited for different challenges that await!

Fashion is an art, not a science!

Firefighter gear for studying burning reactions!

Spacesuit for navigating deep space!

Safari outfit for exploring ecosystems!

Thalo-Boy Thalo-girl

Start your adventure with Blue Apprentice® and become a

Master of Science!