Adventure based

Elementary Science Curriculum

Thalo - Hero


The last surviving member of the Serulean race, you play the role of Thalo, a blue-skinned adventurer who must save the galaxy from the evil clutches of King Dullard. Assisted by the Chipku Cadet Grit and a state of the art spaceship, the CSS Endurace, Thalo must use wits and courage to become a master of science and stop Dullard’s maniacal plans.

Grit - Hero


Knowledgeable, courageous, and a little pompous, Grit is a proud Chipku Cadet Third Class, and he’s not going to let anyone forget it! Forced to scatter the Tome after Dullard uses it to destroy Serulea, Grit is ashamed of himself for failing to protect the Tome, and the galaxy as a whole. Now he has made it his mission to restore the Tome and defeat Dullard no matter what.



The Tome is an artificial intelligence that contains untold power along with the entirety of the Serulean’s galactic knowledge. After Dullard used the Tome’s power to destroy Serulea. Once Thalo finds the Tome’s core (or “heart”), it helps track the Meridians down so the famous Serulean artifact can be reassembled and used for good once again.

Chem - Hero


An expert on Chemistry, Thalo can always go to Chem for advice when it comes to Elements, Compounds, or Reactions. A Type-A, by the books personality, Chem is furious with Grit for going against the code of the Chipku and scattering the Tome that they were supposed to protect.



Another Chipku Cadet from Grit’s class, Eartha always finished at the top of the Academy in Biology. After being freed from one of Dullard’s pods on Eko, Eartha is happy to assist Thalo in all matters of Biology on her quest, whether it be about Photosynthesis, Ecosystems, or even animal teeth. Shy and sensitive, what Eartha lacks in confidence she makes up for in loyalty.

Spark - Hero


A former instructor at the Chipku Academy, Spark is Grit’s mentor and commanding officer. A resourceful leader, Spark approaches problems with teamwork and logic and does not rest until a mission is successful. He teaches Thalo about Technology and Engineering.

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