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  • Life Science is the study of living organisms, including biology, botany, zoology, microbiology, physiology, biochemistry, and related subjects. The Blue Apprentice® Life Science curriculum focuses on life cycles, interdependent relationships, and how matter and energy affect organisms and ecosystems a like.


    Who better to teach photosynthesis than a bunch of peppy plants? Your child will learn to outsmart an evil poacher save Eko’s starving plants with only water, CO2, UV light, and fertilizer.



    Jumpin’ Jackaloons! The ecosystem on the jungle planet Eko falls apart when greedy, rabbit-like valiens, called the Jackaloons, spread out of control and start to eat the Blumis into extinction! There must be a predator that can put these Jackaloons in check... but where did it go?


    Don’t get too close to those big, sharp teeth, when you learn about Eco- Balance from the last carnivore on Eko, the three-eyed Kitsu! When it’s discovered that an evil Poacher has damaged the ecosystem on purpose, it is up to you to either bring balance to the ecosystem... or see if the planet can survive without carnivores!

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