Our Science Curriculum

Improving Education Through Three-Dimensional Learning

  • Heroes
  • Villains
  • Customization
  • Gadgets & Gears
  • Game Play
  • Customize Your Character!

    Blue Apprentice is filled with engaging elements of popular role playing games.

    Wide variety of hairstyles!

    Science and style! Pick your favorite haircut and unlock more!
    Rock a mohawk, dreads, ponytail, crew cut, and more!

    The right outfit for the job!

    Deck out your character with a huge inventory of collectible and craftable outfits and gear. Different outfits are suited for different challenges that await!

    Fashion is an art, not a science!

    Firefighter gear for studying burning reactions!

    Spacesuit for navigating deep space!

    Safari outfit for exploring ecosystems!

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