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Elementary Science Curriculum

Dullard - Villian


As sinister as he is mysterious, King Dullard seemingly came out of nowhere and used the Tome to destroy Serulea and takeover the galaxy. With his goal of vanquishing the Seruleans (seemingly) accomplished, Dullard has unleashed his minions to collect the Meridians Grit scattered so that he can continue his reign of terror.

Jaxxon Thorn

Jaxxon Thorn

King Dullard’s finest hunter, Jaxxon Thorn is a force to be reckoned with. A reptilian Kalahari with the chameleon-like power to turn invisible, Thorn is the most sinister poacher in the known galaxy, using traps and trickery to catch his prey.

Substance Pack


Dullard’s most hot-headed henchman, Nuri has an explosive temper. Cunning, manipulative, and pure evil, Nuri enjoys threatening others with her pyrokinetic Vesuvian powers and is feared by the Snomes from Glacium who think she has the ability to make them disappear.

Thalo-Boy Thalo-girl

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