Blue Apprentice Updates

Last Train to Curio City!

Fasten your seatbelts! The latest level in Blue Apprentice puts players on a high-speed train chase through the busy techno-metropolis of Curio City! Episode 19 will pick up right where the previous episode ended as our heroes catch up to a runaway train.

Expanding on the curriculum of types of energy and energy transfer, Episodes 19 through 21 will teach your child complex energy systems as well as basic engineering design and problem solving.

Build a steam engine! Create the parts, assemble them, and get the train rolling! Meet the Tinkers L0C0 and G3k, two robotic engineers who aid Thalo and Grit on their mission.

It’s a fast-paced set of episodes with some of the most surprising moments in the game! Will our heroes stop King Dullard in time? Find out in Episodes 19 – 21 of Blue Apprentice.

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