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Meet the Crew: Eartha

Along your journey in Blue Apprentice, you’ll meet new Chipku friends to aid you on your mission to restore the Tome. One such Chipku is Eartha, a young cadet from Chipku Academy who specializes in life sciences.

Eartha is a lot more quiet than her peers Chem and Grit, but beneath her meek exterior is an observant and smart Chipku. Compared to her brave – and often brash – friends, Eartha is shy and scares easily. Under your command, Eartha grows into a more assertive and confident Chipku as you progress through the galaxy.

As the team’s biology expert, Eartha provides useful information on ecosystems, food chains, marine biology, photosynthesis, and many more life science topics. Talk to her in the Endurance to review these topics, and chat about life at the Chipku Academy before the rise of King Dullard.

Ready to set course for adventure with Eartha and the rest of the Chipku cadets? Try Blue Apprentice for free now!

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