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PopSci and Blue Apprentice are Partnering Up!

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We think one of the best ways for your kids to keep learning is to have them engage in scientific discovery as it unfolds in the world around them. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that Blue Apprentice™ and Popular Science are teaming up to create engaging, animated videos based on Popular Science articles, called “Vids.” Vids are designed to spark the curiosity of kids and encourage engagement with scientific topics. We at game-based learning company GALXYZ™ are announcing this partnership at an exciting time, as we launch our first title: Blue Apprentice™.

When reading any Popular Science article, you can click the Blue Apprentice™ Vids icon to receive an abridged, video version of the article as explained by two of our kooky characters. Together, these characters will discuss the main scientific ideas mentioned in the article, crack a few jokes, and keep the language simple enough so that children unfamiliar with such subject can follow along.

Vids are perfect resources for elementary school aged children interested in an article’s subject but might be looking for a more digestible, kid-friendly interpretation. With Vids, kids not only have a world of exciting, scientific journalism at their fingertips, but they will be better equipped with the tools they need to explore the world around them with a scientific mind.

Check out Blue Apprentice™ Vids:
Visit Popular Science to request more Vids:

Blue Apprentice is an immersive interstellar science education game for kids. Check it out at!

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